Growth, Choice & Focus

Written on 2015-11-28 • conversation

I have jokingly said to people that me and my business partner could start a second company. We get so many requests for digital marcom work. We could grow it to twenty people fairly quickly. We would be good at selling it and the work would be excellent. From a revenue perspective it would be a smart move.

Some days, you feel like you are missing out on a lot of good business. “A company can only have a big impact on the world if it gets big.” While that sentence resonated with me for a while, I think I disagree. You can also have a big impact with very focused and extremely well-executed actions.

My key metric is the quality of the work we do: is it better than last year? Are we working on more interesting things? If so, good. We design applications that people want. Growth is secondary. It brings all sorts of problems that distract from the work. That is why we grow only if we genuinely feel it improves the quality of design. That is our focus. That is our choice.

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