Joining Forces

Written on 2014-01-06 • conversation

My name is Xavier Bertels and I am a designer at Wolf’s Little Store.

The first version of this post was an attempt at writing a perfect story. A story about my background and about the road that lead to me writing this post on this website. The more I wrote, the less I liked what I had written.

The truth is: this is no longer the story of one or two or three or twenty individuals. This is now the story of an interface design company in Belgium, trying to figure out how to make everyone’s life a little bit better. We believe we can do that by making our daily contact with machines more usable and more beautiful.

Today, Wolf’s Little Store is announcing an expansion of the company. We’re doubling in size. We’re ready to do our best work. And if you feel your customers deserve an enjoyable interface, have a look at our portfolio first. We like to work with clients that know what they get into. We know we do our best work that way. And you deserve the best work.

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