What’s up with Adobe?

Written on 2014-07-14 • conversation

Warning: designer rant.

The biggest problem is a broken promise. Creative Suite and Creative Cloud would bring a coherent software suite and cloud integration. Just look at the sync settings panel in the latest Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. How on earth is it possible that they came up with, let alone released different solutions to the exact same problem in what is supposed to be a coherent software suite?

“Creative Cloud” is de facto just another app in the Adobe toolkit. What it should be is a way of thinking/streamlining an experience. There is something really, really wrong with the product vision at the top of the food chain. I sometimes wonder if there is any product vision at all. Adobe is a numbers-run company in stead of a product-run company.

Creative Cloud is so transparently a fad thought up by marketers, rather than a real product vision. Somebody with a product vision needs to take reign of this company again, or it will slowly slide into irrelevance. I would hate to see that happen, because I have liked Adobe for so long.

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